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frequently asked questions

Why Book The London Swing and Soul Band?

We run a personalised service.  The bandleader allocated – either Daniel, Matt, Jordan or a combination – takes full responsibility, ownership and pride in every step of the event organisation process.  From supplying our own sound equipment, to organising cues, first dances, speeches, special songs, breaks, playlists, disco and interacting with guests, the bandleaders and all the members of The London Swing and Soul Band take enormous pride out of delivering the best possible wedding and event entertainment service.

Named The London Swing and Soul Band simply because the musicians are either from London or are from abroad and reside in London and love the two styles Swing and Soul the most, the band – as you can see from the vids – perform just about every style imaginable:  Reggae, Rock, Pop, Funk, Rap, Jazz, Latin, Russian, Yiddish, French, Italian, Motown, RnB, 60s, Psychedelic (Hendrix), 80s, Prog-Rock, Rock n Roll, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Rat-Pack, Vintage Swing, Electro Swing, Italian Swing and even Classical as well as (occasionally) 80s “Hair” Rock, Metal and Grunge for our longer hair clients!  A friendlier bunch of musicians you could never hope to meet and we take every enquiry and booking seriously and responsibly.


What about Public Liability and PAT-Testing?

All our equipment is PAT-Tested and we possess individually Public Liability insurance for up to £10m


How much does it cost to hire the band for the evening?

Unfortunately, its difficult to give an exact cost without knowing several details.  The following factors will influence cost:

  • Location / Timing
  • Number of Sets / Length of Performances / Styles Required
  • Number of Special Requests
  • Size of Venue / Audience
  • Whether the Band supply own sound system or not
  • Peak / Off-Peak: Weekdends are more expensive than Weekdays; December is more expensive than January etc.

If you make an enquiry, please include as much of this info as possible so that we can come back with an accurate quote


How big or small is your band?

We believe every event is different.   Some will require a very standard 6 piece party band to play for 2 hours after dinner.   Some may benefit from having 2 afternoon musicians, 4 dinner musicians, a 6 piece band for one evening jazz set and a larger band later on for a really big soul sound with several singers. The most common size nowadays is a 7 piece to include one guest soul singer, 2 brass and the standard ‘core’ band of keys/guitar/drums/bass. With band-sizes of 6 or more, we can cover almost any style: Swing, Soul, Motown, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, RnB, World, Jewish, Latin, …


Who decides the repertoire?

The best way of deciding repertoire is for the client to give us either 1. Their must-have favourite (first dance song) to learn if we dont already know it; 2. An indication of their favourite styles: for instance: Swing, Soul and Motown but no Rock (Sometimes telling us what to leave out is even more important:));  3. See our repertoire list and pick out favourites; or 4. Leave it entirely up to us, with just one note for a must have and a must have not!


What kinds of events do you play at?

Majority Weddings!  But also corporate events, bar/bat-mitzvahs, birthday parties, XMAS events, annual balls, charity events, engagements and wedding anniversaries


Who is the lead singer?

4 of the musicians of the band (Daniel – keys, Matt – guitar, George – trombone and Jordan – bass) perform lead and backing vocals.    We usually have at least one guest singer to perform as well:  either Davinia, Naz, Dana, Gaby or Vilija. Based on their availability we welcome you to request a singer that appeals to you to join the band for your special day.

We also work with some fantastic independent guest Male Vocalists, Swing and Soul, but we have not always been able to capture their performances on video for demonstration.

Different combinations with different singers are shown in this compilation:

The London Swing and Soul Band Mixed Showreel


How long do you normally play for?

Most commonly we are asked to perform 2x60m sets in the evening for dancing, but we are often asked to play background music at drinks reception or dinner.


Can the band move / be flexible and play in separate places?

Yes, its possible, but we need to factor in time required to set up


What time will the band arrive?

The Band will usually arrive and set-up from 5:30pm-6pm onwards. For Weddings, this means they are ready to set up as soon as the wedding breakfast and speeches are finished. With corporate and charity events, the band will always set up and sound check before guests arrive. If you require the band to set up earlier in the day an additional fee may be required.


Will the band learn a specific song to be played at our Event / Wedding?

Yes, we are happy to learn your first dance song as part of every booking.


What else can you provide other than live music?

All our own instruments, PA system, mixer, monitors (all PAT tested)
Wired / Wireless microphones (you can use for speeches etc)
Disco Lights / DJ services before, between and after live music
Aside from the main band sets, we can organise solo/duo/trio acoustic sets


What is excluded?

Dancefloor / Stage (as often the venue supply these) but we can help
Gazebos should the event be outside


Do you have any recommendations for venues and other services?

Yes, but it depends on the part of the country and what your schedule/budget looks like!


How do you coordinate with the venue we have selected?

About a month before the event it is sensible for one of the bandleaders to call or visit the venue. Much can be decided on the phone or by reviewing photos.
Usually, the venue will advise on loading, parking, noise limiting, timing, access, etc. The client usually authorises the venue to provide the band with an evening meal and sometimes the venue is large enough to provide a “Green Room” for the band to relax after set up, before and between performances.


How much space do you require for the band

Approx 6m (wide) x 4m (deep)


How long does it take to set up?

It takes about 90 minutes to set up a 7 piece band.


Can we choose the set list?

You’re welcome to send over a list of your favourite songs from the bands repertoire and the band will try to include these in their set. Bear in mind that we may will alter their set to suit the audience reaction.


Does the band provide music between and before sets?

Yes, our bands are happy to provide music via an iPod between sets. This is usually a pre-mixed playlist. If you have particular songs in mind, you’re also welcome to create your own iPod playlists which can be played through the PA system.


What will the band wear?

Standard attire is black suit white tie black tie


How do I confirm a booking?

After we agree on a final price, you can pay a 10% deposit and the rest will be payable on or before the night. The deposit will secure the date in the band’s diary


Does the price quoted include travel costs and expenses?

Yes, all quotes include travel expenses.


What if the band or member of the band can’t make it on the day?

If a member of the band is unable to attend on the day of the event, the band will use a suitable replacement. Most bands have a number of backup musicians for this kind of scenario. Out of about 500 gigs, this has happened about twice. However as the core of the band is still working the overall effect is negligible. Better to have a replacement than a sick person tho.


What are the minimum power requirements for the band?

We require at least 2-3 independent 13 amp sockets. This can vary depending on the size of the band and sound system.


Is the band PAT tested with adequate public liability insurance (PLI)?

Yes, if the venue requires a certificate for either of the above, please let us know